Alaska Airlines Interline Baggage Agreements

This is disappointing because it means not only that it will cost more to check luggage when you fly with separate tickets, but also that the passage on several tickets will take much longer, as you have to pick up your luggage when handing over luggage and re-registering it. In the cases listed below, if more than one ticket is presented, Delta will continue to check the baggage from the original to the final destination. I do not think that, in your example, you can pick up your luggage from HKG to the SEA, because at SFO you have to go through immigration, where you have to pick up your luggage and transport it through the inspection site. Or don`t you have to do that to the Americans? Alaska Airlines had also previously announced that it would not check baggage for separate tickets, but fortunately after customer complaints were cancelled, it now allows baggage to be checked on separate tickets. Better yet, unlike United Airlines, your luggage is based on the main airline. For example, for customers travelling in the first class of British Airways and having a separate Alaskan ticket to gateway International, they do not have to pay a baggage fee for Alaska Airlines for their location flight. Bring a printed copy of your entire flight ticket, including the PNR and ticket number, so that the check-in agent can mark your bag correctly at its final destination. The reality is that airlines are doing their customers a favour by distributing luggage on separate tickets. They are not obliged to do so if they are booked separately, as it creates an increased responsibility for them if the bag is missing.

With DOT`s interference in this situation and adding the slightest complication to such a problem is enough to remove every business from the olive branch. Unfortunately, the customer loses. Yes, yes. Our airport customer service agents are happy to check your luggage to your final destination, provided your flights comply with our minimum time rules. Please allow yourself extra time for check-in, through security and arrive in time for boarding at the boarding gate. If an airline agent gets confused (which would be very, very easy to do in this crazy fee environment), according to DOT, airlines must “repay on demand.” Can you imagine the administrative costs associated with processing these applications? An individual ticket also means a connective (i.e. connective) ticket. The conjunction tickets are sequential in number on the same ticket stick. It is not possible to compile tickets from different airlines.

The obvious solution is that all airlines merge into one entity. No need for interline! Note: You cannot check your luggage using our airport kiosk, mobile website or website. Checked baggage with Alaska Airlines is free for flights within the state of Alaska. For all other flights, the first bag is charged for $30 (free for first class), the second bag for $40 (free for first class) and 3 for $100. If your trip includes multiple tickets and/or trips with more than one airline, your baggage fees and rules may be set by the other airline. Please check your ticket or call Alaska Airlines Reservations at 1-800-252-7522 to determine flight rules and travel fees.