Fleet Card User Agreement

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Managers and senior managers and senior service managers who own or control Georgia Tech vehicles are responsible for verifying that all necessary training for the refuelling card is completed. More information is available in the Eligible Expenditure Directive and in the Matrix. If a vehicle is transferred, sold or presented at a surplus, the card is immediately cancelled. All Georgia Tech divisions that own or control motor vehicles and equipment must comply with georgia Tech Fuel Card usage policy and Procedures on the Fleet Service website. On campus, PIN users must use the Georgia Tech Bulk Fuel site, which is located on Georgia Tech Fleet Services. NO EXCEPTIONS. The use of external gas stations is a secondary resource. A refuelling card is a tax-free payment card for gas and diesel purchases at gas stations. The UVM refuelling card program is based on the U.S. bank`s Voyager Fleet program, managed by the Disbursement Center`s purchasing card team.

NOTE: There are currently two types of fuel cards for Georgia Tech vehicles. Each type of card offers certain parameters that are used with a few exceptions. The blue cards are for passenger cars and light trucks. The “red” cards are provided for the equipment. Examples of appliances are lawnmowers, weed eaters and appliances that can be refuelled with a small gas can. Exceptions are the use of “red” cards for short-term rental cars and for the immediate refuelling of a newly acquired vehicle until the arrival of the credit card. Any misuse of the card leads to appropriate disciplinary measures, which may include a combination of: For each department, a coordinator must be assigned to the supply card service. The department coordinator is responsible for: US Bank Voyager Phone: 1-800-987-6591 Fax: 1-800-987-6592 Email: fleetcommander@usbank.com REFUELing card PIN is completed once fraudulent use, abuse or abuse has been examined and identified as such.

Georgia Tech Fleet Services maintains and operates bulk fuel tanks for the main campus. The cost of fuel is less than the market price. Georgia Tech Fleet Service is the main source of fuel for fuel needs for the main campus. This offers the best value for money and all employees are encouraged to use the campus facility instead of buying fuel off the field.