Free Option To Purchase Real Estate Agreement

4th title. At closing, the seller provides a good and sufficient general guarantee from the seller, which makes available to the property a good, insurable and marketable title of property and all mineral rights with estates and appeasements, the conservatory and its transfers, in simple royalties, free and exempt from all rights of pledge, charges or exceptions, except facilities , limitations and other exceptions to registrations that do not affect the planned operation of the property, conservation or similar use, as well as all rights, ownership and interest of the seller for the property. The seller will provide the conservation with a current summary of the title or owner of the detonators. Title insurance is insured by and at the seller`s expense. PRICE PURCHASE: The purchase price of the property is .. The purchase price after the option is applied is paid by urchaser to the cash seller. Financial statements are made within 15 days of the delivery to the purchaser of an acceptable property certificate referred to in paragraph IV. EXPENSES OF SALE: In the event that the purchaser exploits its option to purchase the property in question, the seller undertakes to cover all costs and expenses of the sale, including legal fees, registration fees and all other costs related to the preparation of the guarantee certificate, title certificate and other closing documents. 8. Preservation of the property. The seller accepts that the property described remains as it is until closing and that the seller will prevent and refrain from any use of the property for any purpose or in a manner that would affect the intended use of the property as a protection of nature or similar use. In the case of such acts, non-liability may refuse to accept the transfer of ownership, in the event that the consideration paid under this option is repaid or if the conservation may, in turn, accept the transfer of ownership or part of it, in which case it may lead to a fair adjustment of the purchase price on the basis of the change in circumstances. This option to purchase contracts is taken between the following parties:________________and_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The owner grants the buyer an option to purchase the following property:Street Address:___________________________________________________________________________Property Description:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The The purchase price of the property is A fee that can be repaid at the rate of `a`