Jira Service Desk Service Level Agreements

Tickets often come and go between service agents and customers. If most of the time is passed into the hands of the Service Desk, a manager can follow whether this time is appropriate or not. A service desk manager may not have control over a customer`s responsiveness while a ticket is open, he should certainly have control over the responsiveness of a service desk agent and the length of time that employees in his team spend working on problems. Service Level Agreements (ALS) help assess the effectiveness, effectiveness and responsiveness of your support team. You can set up SLAs for any support plan and, depending on the services offered, the response and resolution time can be adjusted accordingly. In this article, I list five service level agreement metrics and describe them, which a powerful service service should regularly measure. It`s not necessarily a complete list, but it`s a basic list of metrics that all service desk managers should use. If you have others, please share them in the comments below. I would like to discuss the best way to measure the success of a service desk.

Although the first response to the problem should not take place within 24 hours, the majority of customers are probably not even aware of it. Therefore, information such as the question of when to wait for the answer to a request is very important for service desk customers. We are not able to make SLA-Timers natively visible to them, but we can use applications like Extension and My Requests Extension for Jira Service Desk to expand native possibilities. It`s not as easy to answer as it seems, because you don`t want to count the time that waits for customers to respond to the desk-metric service. However, there are managers who think that no matter who is waiting for who. If a ticket is open, it is not dissolved. And everything that happens between “Created” and “Resolved” depends on how long it takes to solve a problem. It`s about setting the time up to the resolution so that it matches their culture, and finding a tool flexible enough to manage how you want to define and measure time until resolution. When it comes to managing a service desk, we want to provide a service that makes customers satisfied and confident that their requests will be resolved correctly and in a timely manner.