Ona Collective Agreement Part Time

Missed shift: If a nurse has been missed for an additional position, the nurse concerned will be offered a position as a supernumerary officer to work on a date agreed upon by the nurse and her supervisor. The additional position is paid at the rate of pay that the nurse would have received if the offer had been made pursuant to the collective agreement If you are a “part-time RN” at KHSC, you must submit your Beck forms for the period from April 27, 2020 to October 11, 2020, and then pass it on to your supervisor after February 15, 2020. KgH refuses overtime if the salary period is less than 75 hours (i.e. the DDNN`s pay period of 5 or 6 positions). KHSC says they don`t have to pay overtime until you exceed 75 hours; However, you do not pay overtime if your regular schedule is more than 75 hours (i.e. 7 or 8 regular rotation teams). If you have been denied the overtime bonus for an unseated extra position, your office should have news as soon as possible. If you feel that one of the above items has been rejected, the HD Part Time RN site is new, so be sure to finish. Pharmaceutical Services – Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Deduction and collection fees paid by nurses will be covered by the collective agreement. If this applies to you, please contact KGH People Services to find out how to recover your expenses. It is asked of your employer and is a good safety measure.

If a nurse is scheduled for the overcompensated position and there is then a shortage of staff for this position that needs to be replaced, the hospital will make every reasonable effort not to replace the supernumerary nurse and will do whatever is reasonable to find a replacement in accordance with its usual practice and the provisions of the collective agreement. The ONA makes a political complaint to stop this and a group complaint to include the names and dates of members who are liable for the bonus. The Union is informed of the date of the postponement. Beck forms can be printed from this page, the right column under the title forms, second item down or on your device or unit manager. It is your professional responsibility to report to their employer problems of care/practice that are insecure for patients. The tool available for support is the ONA Professional Responsibility (PRWRF) Failure to comply with your professional duty is considered professional misconduct (see Reference Document, Legislation and Regulations of the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO): Professional Misconduct, p.12). They can report to both the employer and the NOC. Included e-mail: Your name, unit, home contact, date of additional posts and a copy of the Paystubs that show that you have not been paid the premium. All new name tags have first names only on one page and on the other complete, please view. the page with which you feel most comfortable. If you want to purchase the new safety style for $10.00 Hospital Professional Responsibility Workload Report Form Clinical Policy – Procedure , Recreational and Medical Cannabis Management _______khscbup@onalocal99.org.

Be sure to wear your Vocera and make your badge visible on your chest.