Property Staging Agreement

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During my years of activity, I have discovered that one of the best ways to solve most problems is to be preventative. For example, although we say in our staging contracts that it is the customer`s responsibility to inform us of the destaging and that the customer is responsible for renting accessories until the day of the distance, we always remind customers before they approach their deadline. (a) If the customer terminates the style with at least three business days (e-mail: or SMS on 0427 262 583), an 80% refund (b) If the customer terminates with a two-day working period, a refund of 50% (c) No refund is made if the termination takes place the day before or on the day of the planned style installation. (d) deferrals and date changes are taken into account at no cost, provided that at least 1 full business day is announced in advance. A 20% fee is charged for each lower notification. e) Early return of inventory is not refunded or refunded. I use two separate contracts at home to have. A staging for the hand at home occupied, the guests live in the house, and I would do well to put the rooms in place. Then a contract for the vacancy. A few years ago, I simplified and combined them. Home or work contracts are not very sexy to discuss, but are essential to have in your business.

I am asked a lot how we can make sure that staging clients pay on time what happens when XYZ, etc. but at the end of the day, it is your home employment contract that should cover all your bases and make sure that you are well protected. The home-staging process is multi-layered. There are a few steps before you actually start staging a house to sell. The first visit on site, then the provision of customers with a proposal to welcome, and if they accept the proposal, that is, when the home contracts are sent. There are many typical contracts that you can download from the Internet, but you should always go through a lawyer to adapt it to your home-staging business. Your business is your livelihood, so you are best at making sure you are covered. Plus, you work here with big box office items – a house isn`t a pair of Target socks. Responsibility is much higher than in many other companies. Therefore, it is important that you have a clear home employment contract that protects your livelihood and business. I`ve been single for a long time, and I realized that before someone had an appointment, I had all the power.

The same goes for the staging of customer relations.