Village Hall Hire Agreement Template

In this case, the tenant is entitled to a refund of down payments or rental fees already paid, but the village house is not responsible for the resulting direct or indirect losses or damages. 22 March 2020 Terms of the fee page included in these terms and conditions (bookings that may be refused, cancellation, payment policy, down payment). Plus the cancellation modified by the lobby to include the higher force. On the other hand, the tenant compensates and compensates any representative of the village house and his collaborators, volunteers, agents and guests: the tenant must respect, during the preparation, service or sale of food, all the rules regarding food, health and hygiene. Experience has shown that there may be problems with the simultaneous organization of a “big event” in each hall, and therefore, if a hall is booked for a “big event”, reservation management may refuse a second booking, especially if it could also be considered a “major event”. Purpose and duration of tenancy The tenant cannot use the premises for uses other than those agreed at the time of booking the hall, unless prior agreement with the booking secretary. The reserved rental time must be strictly respected. The tenant releases the committee for the cost of repairing damage to part of the property or the contents of the building that may occur during the rental period and as a result of the tenancy. It`s the inside and outside of the room. As noted, you must pay for or pay for any damage (including accidental damage) on premises or on devices, faucets or contents as well as for loss of content.3 Use of premisesIt may not use the premises, including parking, for purposes other than those described in the agreement, and may not sublet or use the premises or allow the premises to be used for unlawful or inappropriate purposes or illegally, or to do anything or bring something into premises that endanger premises or insurance policies; Who could cover the premises, invalidate them or allow the consumption of alcohol without our written authorization.4 Insurance and Compensation (i) You are responsible for: (a) the costs of repairing damage (including accidental and malicious damage) that has been caused to part of the premises, including its curtilage or its contents (b) of the costs of repairing damage (including accidental and malicious damage) caused to our WiFi service. (c) all claims, losses; The damage and costs that we, collaborators, volunteers, agents or guests will suffer in the event of damage or loss of property or injury to persons resulting from your use of the premises (including storage of equipment) and your use of our WiFi service, and (d) you must prevent us from making such claims, losses, damages and costs due to nuisances resulting from your use of the premises and/or the use of our WiFi service.

(ii) We will take out appropriate insurance to insure the debts described in paragraphs (i)a) and b) and, at our discretion and in the case of a non-commercial tenant, we will be able to insure the debts described in paragraphs i)c) and d).