Bluetooth Membership Agreement

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If you do not qualify your product, you will be subject to enforced enforcement. Read the updated directive in which they set the climbing schedule. If no corrective action is taken, your Bluetooth SIG membership may be suspended or revoked. Membership in the SIG bluetooth is reserved at the company level. Therefore, any registered company that is willing to sign the Bluetooth SIG membership contracts can join the Bluetooth GIS as a member to adopt. Only companies that have separate email domains owned by their company are accepted for membership. Universities can only be registered by a person with the authority and authority to accept affiliation agreements on behalf of the school. The main purpose of bluetooth SIG is to help members ensure that all Bluetooth products are properly qualified and comply with Bluetooth licensing agreements. The Bluetooth compliance program consists of two steps that bluetooth GIS members must complete – the qualification and reporting process. There are two steps that members must take to complete the compliance program: qualification and reporting. By completing these steps, members will prove and explain their product compliance with the requirements and conditions of membership agreements. Members can update their offerings at any time, including adding new products to their product list.

If you have any questions about membership agreements, please contact us. Bluetooth technology allows information to be exchanged between wireless devices such as PDAs, laptops, computers, printers and digital cameras via a secure, inexpensive and globally available short-frequency band. Originally developed by Ericsson, Bluetooth technology is now used in many different products by many different manufacturers. These manufacturers must be associate members or promoters of Bluetooth GIS (see below) before having earlier access to Bluetooth specifications, but the published Bluetooth specifications are available online via the Bluetooth SIG website All members are licensed by Bluetooth brands. When a company signs up for a subscription, it accepts the Bluetooth brand license agreement, which allows it to use Bluetooth brands for fully qualified and listed products. Any company that plans to integrate Bluetooth wireless technology, sell qualified Bluetooth products, etc., must become a member of Bluetooth GIS in order to be duly licensed for the use of brands with respect to their own brand name. Check the agreements listed below before applying for membership If a company is applying for membership, it accepts membership agreements, including the Bluetooth licensing agreement. This allows a member company to use bluetooth® verbal branding and logos with fully qualified and listed products.

A company that plans to sell a Bluetooth®-compatible product under its own company/brand name must: Any company that integrates Bluetooth wireless technology into products that use technology to offer goods and services or simply rename a product with Bluetooth technology can become a member of Bluetooth GIS. [3] There are three levels of membership with a total of more than 20,000 members, and people from member companies can also participate. One of these agreements is the Bluetooth brand licensing agreement, which defines the terms of use of the verbal brand and Bluetooth logos.