Hk Underwriting Agreement

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Cornerstone Investment Agreements, the various key investment agreements between the company and the various key investors, as described in the “Cornerstone Investors” section of Hong Kong Prospectus; 10.1.9 The use or obtaining of the total net product, that it receives in accordance with the Global Offering according to the Global Offering, used or obtained in the section of the Hong Kong Prospectus entitled “Future Plans and Use of Revenues,” with another als page that is disclosed in accordance with the rules of the list and (a) against a provision of applicable and applicable laws or current elements of the entity or another member of the group. (b) the terms or conditions of physical inking, mortgages, instruments of trust, loan contracts, notes, lease agreements or other instruments that are currently mandatory for the entity or other member of the group, or (c) violate or contran the terms or conditions of the authorizations and declarations that apply to one member of the company or another member of the group. 5.7. There are no contracts, agreements or agreements between the company and a person who would give a valid right to a brokerage commission, a research commission or similar payments to the company or to the sale of the shares of the offer. 4.10. Power of joint global coordinators to apply: in the case of a sub-subscription to public offerings in Hong Kong, joint global coordinators have the right to request purchase or purchase requests (subject to and in accordance with this agreement) at their discretion (individually or collectively). Hong Kong Offer Shares, which are not sold, which each Hong Kong deputy president must take over in accordance with point 4.6. Any application filed or obtained by one of the Joint Global Coordinators pursuant to this clause 4.10, for which the payment is made mutatis mutandis in accordance with point 4.9, satisfied by the Hong Kong insurer concerned in accordance with point 4.6, but does not affect any agreement or agreement between Hong Kong insurers regarding the payment of the insurance commission. 8.9. Counterpart: The Company has entered into this agreement and has agreed to grant the assurances, guarantees, agreements and commitments stipulated in it, taking into account the joint sponsors, the Global Joint Coordinators and the Hong Kong Underwriters, who agree to conclude this agreement on the terms set out in it.

In each of the above cases, the number of offer shares available under the International Underwriter`s respective international offerings and offering commitments is reduced accordingly, and Hong Kong insurers are not entitled to the offer shares insurance fee, referred to in point 6.1, which are reissued in the Hong Kong public offering. “price fixing agreement,” the agreement reached between the company and the Global Joint Coordinators (on behalf of Hong Kong insurers) on the date of the offer price setting; E) the issuance of shares or securities on the basis of an agreement reached prior to the commencement of trading and whose essential terms have been disclosed in the listing document issued as part of the offer, as stipulated in this agreement, including, but not limited to: 24. six certified copies of the compliance consulting agreement between the company and the compliance advisor. 16.2. Arbitration procedure: each party in this agreement accepts, on behalf of its own companies and as a representative of its own related companies, any dispute, controversy or claim arising from that agreement or its purpose, existence, negotiation, validity, disability, termination or applicability (including non-contractual disputes or rights and disputes or claims against any related party) , referred to arbitration and finally, in accordance with the Hong Kong International Agreement A