India And Myanmar Signed Agreement

In addition, an agreement has been signed between the two parties on India`s financial assistance for rapid impact projects (IQs). Three agreements for development projects in the conflict-ridted Rakhine State were also signed during the presidential visit. Rakhine State has experienced widespread violence in the past and dozens of Rohingya have fled the state to escape persecution. India and Myanmar exchanged 10 agreements on Thursday, four of which focus on building water systems, distributing electricity through solar power, and building roads and schools in Rakhine state on South Asia`s west coast. Project agreement for the construction of Kyawlyaung Street- Ohlphyu and Kyaung Taung Kyaw Paung road in Buthedaung Township as part of the Rakhine State Development Program India and Myanmar signed On Thursday 10 agreements focusing on the socio-economic development of the Southeast Asian nation as Prime Minister Narendra held in-depth discussions with the President of Myanmar U. Win Myint. Project agreement between the Ministry of Welfare, Aid and Resettlement and the Indian Embassy in Yangon on the construction of kindergartens as part of the Rakhine Prime Mnister Narendra Modi state development programme and myint, the president of Myanmar, met in Hyderabad House and 10 agreements were signed between the two countries. Many agreements have focused on development projects that are sanitizing India, particularly in the conflict-ridred Rakhine State. The agreements were signed today in Hyderabad House in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Myanmar President U Win Myint. Other agreements called for cooperation on the prevention of human trafficking; The rescue, rescue, repatriation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking.

In December 2017, India and Myanmar signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support the socio-economic development of Rakhine State. MoU for cooperation in the fight against the timber trade and the conservation of tigers and other wildlife MoUs were exchanged after long discussions between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the visit of Myanmar President U Win Myint to New Delhi.