Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Self-Government Agreement

Once this self-management agreement comes into effect, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation will have more control over decisions regarding its community members. Sioux Valley Dakota Nation will have legislative powers in more than 50 areas, including: This self-management agreement will give Sioux Valley Dakota Nation the power to legislate on more than 50 topics. These include governance, economic and social development, education, housing and more. The laws of the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation are harmonized with existing federal and provincial laws and enforced within the Canadian constitutional framework. OTTAWA — Parliament has passed legislation on the first self-management agreement for an Aboriginal band on the prairies. “Sioux Valley Dakota Nation welcomes the opportunities that now arise when our self-management agreement is submitted to the Canadian Parliament for adoption,” said Chief Vincent Tacan of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. “This historic agreement is very important to the Dakota Valley Sioux Nation and signals to our members the opportunity to participate and enjoy the benefits, plan our own course, enact important laws for the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation and encourage the seitux Of Valley Dakota Nation to self-manage. We are also looking forward to continuing the positive relationship with the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba. In a press release, Valcourt said the agreement would “free the First Nation from the grip of important parts of Indian law and give them more control over their own affairs.” Sioux Valley Chief Vince Tacan and other officials signed the agreement at a ceremony Friday afternoon.

According to the government, the agreement creates a governance regime that responds to the needs and trends of the Community in a more transparent, accountable and accountable manner. The First Nation, located west of Brandon, is the third First Nation community in Canada to have entered into an autonomy agreement after two decades of negotiations with the federal and provincial governments. “The importance of these agreements is the recognition by Canada and the Province of Manitoba for the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation of having jurisdiction or authority and authority to legislate,” he said. With the agreement, the First Nation “moves back to what we were before … take care of ourselves [and] our own priorities,” Tacan said. OTTAWA, December 5, 2013 /CNW/ – Today, Honorary Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Bernard Valcourt introduced legislation that also passed third reading in the House of Commons. Bill C-16 will implement the first self-management agreement on the Prairies and will now enter the Senate for consideration. As soon as this agreement with Sioux Valley Dakota Nation comes into force, the Government of Canada will have concluded 20 comprehensive self-management agreements with 34 Aboriginal communities.