Tipu Signed A Secret Agreement

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Tipu Sultan attacked Travancore on 29 December 1789, which worried the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Marahas, who received a “triple alliance” with the British. The third Anglo-Mysore War lasted about two years in three campaigns. Cornwallis, governor general, took command after the first campaign, conquered Bangalore on 21 March 1791, but was unable to take Seringapatnam because of tipu`s brilliant generalization and rains. Fighting resumed later and Tipu seized Coimbatore on 3 November. Supported by an army sent by Bombay, Cornwallis occupied the fortress of Nandy Droog about 50 kilometres north of Bangalore on its line of communication towards Seringapatnam, where it reached 5 February 1792. Tipu averted a total catastrophe and in March entered into a contract in which he abandoned half of his masters; Much went to Nizam, part went to the Marathas, the English acquired Malabar and Coorg on the west coast, Dindigul and the adjacent districts. baramahal district to the east. The honour of the Battle of Mysore recalls the action of the native units of the British East India Company in the Third Anglo-Mysore War of 1789-92. East India Company Great Britain Maratha Empire Hyderabad The honour was awarded to 29 units of the Bombay Armies and madra`s presidency in order 378 of 1889; Only 15 units survive.

It was awarded in 1829 to four units of the Bengal urn infantry. these units mutinyed in 1857. [2].