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Overview Of Agreements And Accords Between India And Pakistan

2007: On February 18, rail traffic between India and Pakistan (Samjhauta Express) is bombed near Panipat, north of New Delhi. Sixty-eight people were killed and dozens injured. Intergovernmental Agreement between India and Pakistan on Ad Hoc Transitional Provisions for 1955 Concerning the Use of the Waters of the Indus… Read more »

Nauru Agreement Fisheries

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At their August meeting, fisheries ministers from FFA member countries stressed the importance of continuing to support the fisheries sector, given that COVID-19 is having a significant negative impact on tourism and trade in the Pacific. In December 2011[11], the Purse-Seine Free School Skipjack PNA fishery was certified to… Read more »

Mt Purchase Agreement

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The montana residential real estate purchase contract (“general residential purchase agreement”) describes the conditions of a residential real estate activity between a buyer and a seller. The agreement sets out the amount to be paid to the seller, the buyer`s financial information and the closing date of the transaction…. Read more »

Minimum Term Hire Agreement

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What does that mean? In principle, this means that merchants must design and present their rental agreements and terminations in a fair and open manner that respects your legitimate interests. conditions and communications should be transparent; the wording used must be clear (no legal jargon), understandable and legible. You… Read more »

Local Distributor Agreement

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Competition cases are dealt with by the ICC in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Competition Act in order to determine anti-competitive agreements and abuse of a dominant position under the Competition Act. In addition to registering identifiable intellectual property for intellectual property rights that are not… Read more »

Lima Agreements

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When 194 countries come together for a climate change conference and disperse, with most nations claiming they have received something, it should be a triumph of diplomacy. But the weakness of the agreement that oppressed negotiators brought home to the Conference of the Parties (CoP), which ended on December… Read more »