Aws Agreeing To The Terms Of The Aws Customer Agreement

31.1. If you use Amazon WorkMail, you also use AWS Key Management Service, AWS IAM, and Amazon SES, and your use of Amazon WorkMail is subject to the terms applicable to those services. (b) distribution to end-users: they may use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, publicly display, publish and distribute them (including through third parties) to end-users (including through third parties). However, they may only do so if: (i) the Lumberyard project provides content or functions beyond those provided by the Lumberyard Redistributables themselves; (ii) Lumberyard redistributables are integrated into the Lumberyard project so that they cannot be used separately by end users; (iii) not to distribute Lumberyard redistributables in source code form that we provide in file formats; usually compiled (for example. B.C, C++) or for which we provide a compiler, and (iv) ensure that end users are subject to terms that protect Lumberyard materials no less than these Terms of Service, including this Section and sections 42.4 and 42.5 below. You may sub-use, modify, create, and redistribute your Lumberyard project, subject to the restrictions imposed in these Terms, so that they can use, modify, create, and redistribute new content (e.g.B create new items or levels for a game. RdS on VMware Service is an AWS-managed service offering that enables customers to use RDS for a wide range of customer-provided hardware and software configurations. To provide you with managed services outside of the AWS network, AWS needs access to the virtual machines you select to use RDS on VMware. AWS does not access the virtual machines that you select for use with RDS on VMware unless it is necessary for the maintenance and provision of the service. Such access is secure, recorded and restricted.

You agree that AWS can access and manage these virtual machines.